Comedy Festival

Short Information about Comedy Festival

Comedy Festival was founded by Georgian Regional Art Development Foundation

City Gori was the epicenter of the war of August 2008. Fire line passed through our city and theatre.

Theatre having oldest traditions in Georgia was forced to accept the challenge of modernity. Everything started with the fact that Eristavi theatre took the decision, after war to pay the great attention to the comedic genre, because you could rarely saw the smiling faces in the city.

Georgian Regional Art Development Foundation and Eristavi Theatre confronted comedy festival against the military aggression, with the slogan ,,Return Smile to the Embattled City’’.

All Georgian theatres were involved in this beginning and from 2014 up today, we create together festive and celebratory mood in the city.

Festival has fulfilled its first goal. Smile returned to the city and is waiting to the opening of the comedy festival with all arrival of summer.

For this time, the new challenge of comedy festival is - development of the comedic genre and theatrical criticism.

The festival is the best example of cultural decentralization in Georgia. Exactly, within the framework of the festival, c. Gori had the opportunity to get familiar with all Georgian and foreign theaters creativity for the first time.

We will continue to support the development of theatrical culture and we have the clear understanding of the importance of culture and CSR synthesis.

Information about festival (last 3 years)

2014 year – 20 performances

2015 year – 18 performances, 1 masterclass

2016 year – 24 performances, Black Box - feedback from theatre critics.

Duration: 2-3 weeks

Georgian and International participants:

2016 year – 22 Georgian Theatres and 2 International

2015 year – 18 Georgian Theatres       

2014 year -  20 Georgian Theatres

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